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6 FILLER TRENDS FOR 2022: What to ask your aesthetic doctor

6 FILLER TRENDS FOR 2022: What to ask your aesthetic doctor
Milan, 17th December 2021
It’s called liquid lifting or non-surgical 3D lifting and it’s an aesthetic trend that has been establishing itself in recent months overseas and which will be increasingly popular in the near future. It allows you to model facial features using fillers, giving harmony, volume and rejuvenation, without resorting to a scalpel. “For this procedure, it is necessary to perform the injections in precise sites and to use fillers that are soft and malleable” clarifies Vittorio Crobeddu, an Isplad plastic dermatologist and aesthetic doctor. «Among these, is the new Biohyalux filler.  It ensures a great handling and a natural result and causes no swelling after treatment. This is thanks to the structure and purity of the hyaluronic acid used, which is available in different formulas based on the target area and desired effect ».
And speaking of strategic areas, here are the six filler trends for next year.
  1. Tear trough.  Tear trough hollows and under-eye bags make us to look tired. For this reason, fillers are increasingly requested to tackle the problem. For this procedure, doctors use gels with particular viscoelastic characteristics which are capable of integrating into the delicate periocular tissue.
  2. Heart-shaped face. This trend is to enhance the cheekbone area while also targeting the temples to widen the upper part of the face. At the same time, injections are performed on the chin to give a greater definition. The result is a slimmer face; less square and weighed down.
  3. Rhinofiller (non-surgical correction of the nose). Using a filler can help smooth out the profile of the nose and achieve some tip lift. For those with a very small nose, the overall shape can be accentuated and redefined.
  4.  Defined Lips. Less volume and more shape. The trend for lips is to highlight the natural structure, emphasizing the contours and providing hydration to the tissues.
  5. Plump cheeks. Rather than creating volume on the lower part of the face, the target will be accenting around and above the cheekbones, lifting the face, thus restoring a fuller and more youthful look.
  6. Jawline. In recent months, there have been increased requests in the USA to rejuvenate and redefine the chin and the mandibular angle. But no excessive interventions, just some retouching to give the feeling of a face that still has well-defined contours.
«A natural result can be obtained only with a product that has certain characteristics. The injection technique is also very important“, explains Dr. Crobeddu. “Using the cannula, rather than the traditional needle, has many advantages.  The cannula causes less discomfort during treatment and has fewer side effects such as bruising and swelling. With the cannula, a greater lifting effect is obtained and the filler can be more evenly distributed, creating a more natural result, without the formation of unwanted accumulation».

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Date: 17/12/2021