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Vivocin is a made in Switzerland brand that offers a line of high quality skin products, developed to be used even after dermatological and aesthetic medicine treatments (such as lasers, permanent make-up or tattoos removal)
BioHyalux offers a line of bi-phase fillers with patented Cross-linking technology, with first and second intention filling capabilities, able to naturally integrate into soft tissues and giving optimal correction
The Yasae line consists of 6 practical and multifunctional products to effectively hydrate, protect and regenerate the skin. A natural, simple and effective skincare routine, suitable for everyone and ideal for those who live in an urban context
WOW Effect produces cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals, whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. Products that promote face and body skin tone, thanks to a mix of active ingredients of innovative technology at high concentrations.

Biohyalux Fine Lines

BioHyalux® is a dermal filler that comes in a pre-filled glass syringe. It consists of a reticulum of sodium hyaluronate derived from biofermentation at a concentration of 20mg / ml in a physiological solution at pH 7.
Vivocin Repair Crema Ultra Idratante

Vivocin Protect & Repair

Protective and repairing ointment; provides maximum protection to damaged or irritated skin. It contains a high level of lipids that protect and nourish it. With a dense but easily absorbed texture, it creates a real protective barrier. Also suitable for dry and chapped skin.

Biohyalux Lips

SEATS: Very fine wrinkles, bar code, genius area, glabellar area, vermilion CHARACTERISTICS: Biostimulating and moisturizing corrective INFILTRATION PLAN: Derma SUPPLIED NEEDLE: 27g ALTERNATIVE NEEDLE: 30g

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