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Biohyalux Fine Lines

BioHyalux” is a dermal filler presented in a glass pre-filled syringe. It consists of a lattice of sodium hyaluronate derived from biofermentation at a concentration of 20mg/ml in a saline solution at pH 7.

Excellent dynamics
Easy to use
Good capacity for tissue integration
Lifting effect

BioHyalux, which has been marketed in Italy since 2021, is an already established product on the market with 10 million ampoules sold in one year (2021).
CDLifePharma has consolidated a partnership which is not only commercial, but also based on research with Bloomage Biotech (JINAN – PRC).

Bloomage Biotech is an international company specialized in the production of hyaluronic acid of high-quality. With more than 20 years of experience on the marketplace, Bloomage Biotech has established itself as an internationally recognised and respected brand.

USE: Fine wrinkles, surface corrections
INFILTRATION PLANE: Superficial dermis
NEEDLES SUPPLIED: 30G – needle 13m

Label Biohyalux

Logo Biohyalux

Biohyalux Fine Lines

Product FormatPre-filled syringe
Package30G - needle 13mm
IngredientSodium Hyaluronate
ApplicationFillers, Moisturizing, Volumizing
Body areaNeck, Cleavage, Forehead, Cheeks, Periocular wrinkles