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Biohyalux Deep Dermis

CDlifePharma Biohyalux Deep Dermis

BioHyalux” is a dermal filler presented in a glass pre-filled syringe. It consists of a lattice of sodium hyaluronate derived from biofermentation at a concentration of 20mg/ml in a saline solution at pH 7. Excellent dynamics Easy to use Good capacity for tissue integration Lifting effect BioHyalux, which has been marketed in Italy since 2021, […]

Vivocin Repair Intensive Remedial Treatment

Vivocin Repair Intensive Repair Treatment

Intensive and remedial vitamin B5 ointment. Regenerates and strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin. Dense texture because of its high lipid component. Ideal for soothing irritated or damaged skin, nourishing and reducing inflammation. Antioxidant and anti-aging action because of the presence of squalene.